Ponymon Dawn/Dusk Official!

Quite a few people are wondering about when V 0.4 is going to come out, V 0.32 came out almost a year ago after all.

Well, what can I say. I joined this team just about a year ago, about when Cobalt was handed the reins of programmer. Since then we have made some absolutely stunning progress! By this I mean that as far as anyone can tell, not one, single, thing has been done on the game since Cobalt was brought on.

I personally am not the kind to give up until it is strictly apparent that there is no alternative end result, so when I declare here that the project is in Cryostasis, if it hasn’t already whithered away and died, it should be taken seriously.

The team in it’s current state hasn’t actually talked business in… my skype history doesn’t go that far. What I would like to see are some people to step up and offer themselves as programmers, should they believe themselves capable. Ponymon is a tempermental beast that will be nothing like other programming you may or may not have done in the past, but we have many tools and resources to help.

If you decide you would like to try for the position of programmer, you can email me here at bronydubs@gmail.com

Due to the nature of the project there’s only room for one, or at most 2 programmers, simply because the files need to be packaged in one go.

If you have any comments or questions, please direct them to me on my User Talk page: http://ponymondawndusk.wikia.com/wiki/User_talk:Michael_Scratch

I myself will be heading off to college very soon, but I don’t want to see this project get choked out.       -Cheers,               Michael Scratch

Thanks to xiao-xe!

Thanks to xiao-xe!


Hello all!

Just an update, the project is not dead, far from it actually! The latest update is on it’s way and will be available as soon as it is ready!

In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that the soundtrack for the game will be available on Bandcamp free of charge. Although not every track is up yet, the title theme is available for download! I hope you enjoy!


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you guys!

- John (DeusPony)

Is this project dead and would you be willing to hand it onto another group if it is?

The project is not dead and the team is working diligently to put out the latest update. Hang in there

First, let me just say the new tumblr edit thing is fugly and I hate it.

But second… Due to the fact that I, unfortunately, have a real life and have no idea what is actually happening with the Ponymon project, I’ve decided to set this tumblr up on a unique email and have it be run by the entire ponymon group, rather then just one person. That way, you can get updates directly from people who are actively involved with aspects of the game, rather then having me just constantly asking people on your behalf.

Do you have a set list of 'Things That Will Be Done By The Next Alpha Version', or do you just throw in whatever's done when you feel like releasing a new version?

A bit of each. there are certain things that we set down that we WILL get done before releasing a new version (mostly bug fixes, but we also usually have a set location in mind too) but other things (like sprites and art) are just as we go.

this is probably a noob question. what are the main differences between dusk and dawn and are there any benefits to playing one before the other?

not really, it all depends on your play style and who you want to catch. Dawn/Dusk have different starters, and each will have a different legendary (one will have Luna, one Celestia). I’m sure there will be others, but for the most part we want it so you CAN catch every pony in either version… even if doing so in one is far tougher than in the other.

If I used cheats in the game to go to other places and do things that I couldn't have done without cheating, will it screw with the saving in any way? I really don't want to start a new game.

Probably not. If you’re standing on a section we decided to wall off then you might have to revert and move your save over a space, but other wise probably not. But remember, anything done outside of the official area is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I started playing this on my youtube, and I am wondering is it still getting updated frequently? I am really enjoying it and it is the first Pokemon-ish game I ever played

It’s getting updated about as frequently as ever… and by that I mean we’re slooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly getting it worked on. I expect we’ll be on Gen 6 before the game is up to beta 1.0

i went into the nursery on route 5 and i put one of my ponymon in it but the minute the guy was done talking the game froze! what do i do? i hadn't saved the game to recently and i don't really want to restart the game from where i last saved.... what do i do?

It’s part of a massive bug with the day care center we are working to fix. It SHOULD be corrected as of 0.35, but I don’t know if it WILL BE.